Mohs Surgery FAQ’s

what are the indications for mohs surgery?

Mohs surgery is most often used for treatment of the most common skin cancers, such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. This surgery has also been used for melanoma and other unusual skin cancers. Mohs surgery has proven to be successful for cancers that have a high risk of reoccurrence, have borders that are hard to define and cancers that are large or aggressive. Mohs surgery is most often performed in areas where you want to preserve the most possible healthy tissue and allow for the least amount of scarring. Most commonly the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hairline, hands, feet, and genitals.

How Effective is Mohs Surgery at Removing Skin Cancer?

Clinical studies have shown that Mohs micrographic surgery has a five-year cure rate up to 99 percent in the treatment of basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas.

How Much Does Mohs Surgery Cost?

Besides its high cure rate, Mohs surgery has shown to be cost effective. In a study of costs of various types of skin cancer removal, the Mohs process was found to be comparable when compared to the cost of other procedures, such as electrodesiccation and curettage, cryosurgery, excision or radiation therapy. Mohs surgery preserves the maximum amount of normal skin, which results in smaller scars. Repairs are more often simple and involve fewer complicated reconstructive procedures.

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